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Recording date: 2018-02-25

The Reformation continues, bringing more voices and opinions to consider. Brief discussion of Thomas Muntzer, the Diet of Speyer, Philip Melanchthon, and Ulrich Zwingli. Plus, we contrast the different approaches known as the Regulative and Normative principles.

Late 1520s AD.

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Recording date: 2018-02-18

A quick sidebar on the difference between sacraments and ordinances, and three methods of application. Then we look at what else is happening in contemporary history. Lastly, an overview of the "Five Solas" of the Reformation and a comparison to Aristotle's causes.

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Recording date: 2018-02-11

A look at some of Luther's other writings, the selection of a new emperor, and the Diet of Worms.

1520-21 AD.

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Recording date: 2018-01-28

A continuation of the immediate aftermath of Luther's actions. This week we look at The Leipzig Debate, Leo X's Exsurge Domine, and Luther's tract "To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation".

1519-20 AD.

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Recording date: 2018-01-21 

Today we very briefly reviewed the events and players central to the conflict at issue in Luther's 95 Theses. Then, with that stage set, we look at the immediate aftermath. Specifically, The Heidelberg Disputation and The Augsburg Discussions.

1518 AD.

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Recording date: 2018-01-14

In today's class we discuss Luther's "Tower Experience" in which he first resolves what Paul (and Habakkuk) meant by the phrase "the just shall live by faith". Also discussed is the mistaken translation (and therefore the misunderstanding) of the biblical word "justification".

Roughly 1519 AD.

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Recording date: 2017-12-17

Last week we saw the religious climate that Luther would react to, but there is more to the story. This week we talk about the discipline of higher criticism that led Erasmus to write what would become the Textus Receptus. In turn, this would spur Luther to find a significant translation error in the bible most widely used at the time. This discovery, along with abuses in the Roman Church, would prompt Luther to write The 95 Theses. We look at some of the specific theses in this class.

Roughly 1517 AD

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Recording date: 2017-12-10

Want to know about Luther's involvement with The Reformation? This is where we start digging in. In this class we talk about Luther's return to Wittenberg for his first class, his rejection of the medieval approach to interpreting scripture, the antics of Albert of Brendenburg, his hiring of Johann Tetzel, Frederick's dislike of competition, and how Luther felt about it all.

Roughly 1513 - 1517 AD.

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Recording date: 2017-12-03

Why is there a swan next to Luther all the time? What early events were formative in making Luther the man he would become?

Roughly 1510-1513 AD.

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